Health Check Origin

History of the Pawn Health Check™


The Pawn Health Check™ was created by Vernon Stading and his team of Pawnshop consultants at Devoted Pawn Consulting.  They found out very early on that there were similarities in many areas in just about every pawn shop that we worked with that caused lost profits, dwindling cash flow and inefficient operations.  Because we saw these similarities, we needed to address them and find out how to solve these problems for our clients.

We believe that we have become experts at solving these issues and have created the Pawn Health Check™ to help pawnbrokers like you become more successful.  The Pawn Health Check™  has two versions.  First, you can take the free version online and get your discreet results delivered directly to you.   This is very popular because it will tell you if you have opportunities for grow more in your business and help you make decisions on how to go about making that change.  Next, you can opt for the Onsite Pawn Health Check™ where our team of consultants come onsite with you and your team and do a full assessment including hands on training of your entire team.  To find out more about what is included and the cost of the onsite visit, please read more here.